When you’re looking for maintenance for your high end diesel truck, come to Abilene Diesel Performance! With the highest trained diesel technicians in town, our auto shop is your one-stop shop for diesel repair and maintenance.

Diesel Repair Abilene


Abilene Diesel Performance proudly offers BG and Schaeffer’s products.

BG 245
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  • Cleans entire diesel fuel injection system
  • Especially effective in high pressure common rail engines
  • Removes internal injector deposits
  • Improves cold start
  • Improves Fuel Economy up to 4 mpg and restores lost power
BG Diesel Care
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  • Highly effective diesel fuel injection system cleaner
  • Quickly and safely clean carbon deposits
  • Designed for use in all passenger car diesel engines
  • Improves Fuel Economy up to 4 mpg and restores lost power
Schaeffers Oil
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  • Extended oil change service – 10000 mile oil changes
  • Strong Oxidation and Thermal Stability
  • Reduces Wear, Scuffing and Abrasion
  • Cold Weather Startup Protection
  • Up To 5% Fuel Savings

In Texas, bigger is better! With so many trucks on the road, you want to trust an expert with the maintenance you need to keep yours running. Abilene Diesel Performance specializes in diesel trucks, including turbo diesel automobiles and light trucks.

From Powerstroke engine repair to custom built headlights, our diesel shop is equipped to perform the service you need for your truck or vehicle! Routine maintenance, extensive repair, and custom modifications are all available from diesel experts.

But don’t forget – we are a full-service auto repair shop. In addition to the custom engine work and diesel maintenance, our experienced technicians can take care of all your vehicle’s needs. View the services we offer here or call 325.672.9056 to learn more.

Our diesel services are backed by our 2 year unlimited warranty. With ongoing training and the latest tools and technology available, Abilene Diesel Performance provides reliable services and stands behind our work.

If you have any questions about the maintenance needed for your vehicle, call our diesel mechanics and experienced auto technicians at 325.672.9056 or request an appointment online.